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Liam Browne – Full-Frontal Nudity Alert!

This Anglo-Irish 27 year-old actor is seriously hot and, as these nude full-frontals show, is nicely proportioned in every department. These are a few from the Starmale gallery that just appeared today on their Daily Pictures Post and are from the very appropriately named film “The Orgasm Diaries”.

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Joe Zaso: The Naked and the Nude

Here’s the genial master of b-grade horror, actor and filmmaker Joe Zaso showing a nice bit of skin and demonstrating that he gives as good as he gets!

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William Levy: Shirtless and Nudes

Latin ultra-hunk William Levy giving us some lovely bits of skin, including one very nice clear shot of his perfect bubble-butt. Of U.S. origin, Mr. Levy is one of the top stars in South American television.

William Levy frontal nudes here

Marshall Allman nudes from “True Blood”

Our pals at STARMALE sent over these pics from their daily picture update featuring ultra-cutie Marshall Allman from “True Blood”. For lots more naked pictures and videos of Marshall and thousands of other male celebs, check out Starmale!

Daniel Tosh: Nude

Well you asked and this, I’m afraid, is the best we could do. Cable sensation DANIEL TOSH fully naked, except of course the good parts are blurred out. Thanks to our friends at for finding the pic in the first place (it wasn’t easy!) and here’s hoping they can find an unretouched pic soon. Until then, enjoy!

Antonio Banderas – Nude Full Frontal!

In a world of middling celebrities, Spanish-born Antonio Banderas is a full-fledged superstar with more than 60 films to his credit and a huge international fan base. And while Mr. Banderas has never been shy to share a bit of skin with us, the young Antonio was perfectly at ease giving the world a glimpse at everything he had to offer as in these caps from the first film he made at age 22. This is truly Antonio Banderas the naked and the nude!

Antonio Banderas nude full-frontal video

Josh Hartnett: Deliciously Naked!

We confess we don’t the real story behind the rumors about cute boy Josh Harnett, but whether there are, er, ‘boys in the background’ or not, there’s no denying he is fantasy material regardless of your gender-id. These captures from “The Black Dahlia” dramatically demonstrate why Josh continues to rank high in Hollywood royalty. Check them out:

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Alex Pettyfer: New Skin (shirtless)

Twink blonde beauty Alex Pettyfer seems to be bulking up these days, but that’s just fine by me since he continues to be the very stuff wet-dreams are made of. Alex is set to star in the new Stephen Soderburgh flick about Channing Tatum’s stripper past (also starring Channing himself) so we can only imagine that there will be a whole lot more skin to be seeing on the Pettyfer front. Until then, enjoy these:

Alex Pettyfer nude

Dominic Booer – Nude Video!

German actor Dominic Booer shows off what is unquestionably a very fine ass in this vid from the TV series “Die Camper”. Check it out:

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Daniel Radcliffe – Nude (frontal!)

While these pics of Daniel Radcliffe have been around the Net for a while, they bear re-posting, even if the view of Mr. R.’s junk is alas, a bit blurry. These are, of course, from Daniel’s triumphant NYC run in Peter Shaeffer’s play “Equus” just after he turned 18. For a video clip of the scene, check out the link below:

Daniel Radcliffe nude video

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