Dominic Booer – Nude Video!

German actor Dominic Booer shows off what is unquestionably a very fine ass in this vid from the TV series “Die Camper”. Check it out:

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Daniel Radcliffe – Nude (frontal!)

While these pics of Daniel Radcliffe have been around the Net for a while, they bear re-posting, even if the view of Mr. R.’s junk is alas, a bit blurry. These are, of course, from Daniel’s triumphant NYC run in Peter Shaeffer’s play “Equus” just after he turned 18. For a video clip of the scene, check out the link below:

Daniel Radcliffe nude video

Liam Hemsworth: Underwear Shots

Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, born in 1990, first came to fame on the popular Aussie soap “Neighbours”, but he’s moved onto the big screen since, appearing in five features while still continuing to find feature roles on TV. His two elder brothers, Chris and Luke, are also actors (and also equally hot-looking) and, while Liam admits there’s plenty of competition between them, he says “it is a good thing, it pushes us and we are always happy whenever someone books something.” Liam isn’t well-known in the States yet, but, if these pictures are any indication, we’re predicting he will be soon. Check em out:

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Brett Novek: First Gay Kiss

In this scene from David DeCoteau’s “Brotherhood V”, former “Make Me a Supermodel” contestant Brett Novek canoodles in his underwear with fellow hunk Arthur Napiontek. Oh the steam, the steam!

Jake Shears: Naked Nude and Nasty!

Scissor Sisters’ frontman Jake Shears has never, but never been reluctant to show us the goods, especially when a jockstrap is involved, but these new photos are particularly fine exemplars of the genre. I don’t know how many ways there are to say ‘yum’, but Mr. Shears is definitely as hot as ever he was. Check it out:


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Joseph Gordon Levitt: Naked in “Mysterious Skin”

I will freely and happily admit that I think Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of the best and best-looking actors going today. He’s made one good film after another and, in each one, he’s demonstrated a kind of professionalism that is increasingly rare among young and upcoming thespians. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s so damn fine looking either OR that he’s not the slightest bit shy about showing off that fine skin of his. These captures are from one of his best films ever, Greg Araki’s gripping and controversial Mysterious Skin.

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Gerard Butler: Nude (Frontal)

Scottish actor and mega-hunk Gerard Butler stark staring naked in Mrs. Brown. And how!

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Ryan Gosling: Semi Nude from “Blue Valentine”

Mega-hunk super-star Ryan Gosling shows a bit of bare ass in this cap from his new flick Blue Valentine. While we’d like to see more, it’s always a pleasure to see any Gosling skin whatsoever. If you’re looking for more, including some frontal action, click here:

Colton Haynes: Shirtless Skin

This picture just says it all…that is, it says why we are mad about that boy Colton Haynes. He’s our favorite Teen Wolf, especially when he’s half naked. If you’re looking for full-on nudes, check out Starmale for more pics and videos.

Reichen Lehmkuhl: Full-Frontal Nude

Apparently ‘famous for being famous’ isn’t profitable enough for sometime model/actor/celebrity Reichen Lehmkuhl. Word is that he’s now working the cams full-time and full-frontal, leaving nada to the imagination of his many fans. Here’s a sample that’s making the rounds on the Net:

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