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Daniel Radcliffe – Nude (frontal!)

While these pics of Daniel Radcliffe have been around the Net for a while, they bear re-posting, even if the view of Mr. R.’s junk is alas, a bit blurry. These are, of course, from Daniel’s triumphant NYC run in Peter Shaeffer’s play “Equus” just after he turned 18. For a video clip of the scene, check out the link below:

Daniel Radcliffe nude video

Daniel Radcliffe: Nude Full-Frontal!!!

Harry Potter has grown-up and, in celebration of his 18th birthday, actor Daniel Radcliffe decided to go full-frontal nude on stage in the revival of Equus. Our friends (and sponsors) at Starmale sent over these pics so you could see Harry’s magic wand for yourself:

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